About us

Ready for the next leap!

Who we are

ABOUT SPACE is a studio for spatial design.

Content drives our concepts to holistic experiences.
Everything we sense in spaces is part of our design.

We create spaces for clients from business fields like communication, technology, food, hospitality and exhibition.

We work in 2D, 3D and 4D.
Virtual reality and real virtuosity at the same time.

We love craftsmanship, the heritage of design with a high level of quality, but also intelligent innovations, smart or not, but really intelligent.

We believe in the concept of circular economy and get better and better in reducing our global footprint.

Who is already working with us

Art+Com AG
Bottega Veneta S.R.L.
Deutsche Telekom AG
Early Bird Gelato
Expoforum St. Petersburg
Fotolia Corporation
Futurest GmbH
Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Hilton Hotels & Resorts
K67 Berlin UG
KDREI Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Kioski Berlin
Kreutz & Partner GmbH
Media Saturn GmbH
Menarini Business & Research GmbH
Messe Berlin GmbH
Metro AG
Openers GmbH
Seddiqi Holding
Siemens AG
Sunshine Live
The Pukika Experiment
White Trash Fastfood GmbH

What we support

Circular economy projects
Cultural projects from dance performances to art installations
Open source product development
Projects on forgotten construction techniques and materials
Environmental future thinking
Fridays for Future